Our beliefs and guiding principles

We run this organization because we believe that Naturopathy is the most profound medical science and society can benefit immensely from its widespread adoption. Also it is very simple and safe and hence can provide answer to the increasing healthcare costs.

We run it as a for-profit organization because we believe that it is important to attract commercial capital to scale up our solution and take it to masses. We call it sustainable capital.

We believe that resources are scarce especially in a country like India and hence we should use them judiciously. Our centers provide for comfort but not for luxury.

We can do something well only if we understand it. Our knowledge base is limited to Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga and hence we limit ourselves to these traditional medicine systems.

Who are we ?

We are a healthcare services company focused on treating various medical conditions through use of traditional medicine system. Our Mission is to help people lead healthier lives through use of traditional medical knowledge.


Jay Sanghvi Photo

Dr Jay Sanghvi


A much evolved doctor with more than 30 yrs experience in Ayurveda and Nature Cure. As one patient put it, “he is like a rock star of Naturopathy”. He has treated patients from across the world in his career and they are more like his fans. He has deeply researched various diseases and is adept at treating several very challenging medical conditions.He is also an Assistant teacher of Vipassana and has taken courses in various countries. He is currently based in Kutch, Gujarat and leads the medical team at Swas as its Medical Director.

Sanjay Photo

Sanjay Singh

B.Tech, MBA

An MBA from prestigious management Institute, IIM Ahmedabad, with more than 10 yrs of experience in Healthcare Industry. He left his cushy job with one of the top Pharmaceuticals companies in 2005 to set up India’s first chain of Naturopathy Clinics and Hospitals.

He has been advancing the mission of Swas Healthcare against all odds. He currently resides at Ananddham campus in Kharoi village and leads the company as its CEO.
Swati Photo

Swati Sanghvi


A Naturopath and yoga expert. She ably supports the organization by bringing dreams to actions as its COO. She juggles between work and bringing up her son, Aaditya. Aadi and Swati stay at Ananddham campus in Kutch, adding life to it.

Leadership team is ably supported by team of well qualified doctors, trained therapists, and wise administrators.


We run CLINICS and HOSPITALS where we provide treatment for various common and some not so common medical conditions through a combination of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga. These treatments are very very safe and economical. We also provide preventive care for people who want to learn how to stay healthy. All these clinics and hospitals are currently located in Gujarat but we have plans to take it regional and then national.

We manage existing centers on MANAGEMENT CONTRACT basis.

We also share our knowledge with others who want to set up new Nature Cure Centers or improve their existing centers through our CONSULTANCY services.


We currently offer following consulting services for Nature Cure Centers.

Project initiation / Idea stage

  • Feasibility study and preparation of project report.

Project planning stage

  • Project plan with detailed estimate.

Implementation stage

  • Choosing the right consultants, helping with detailed designing of facilities and premises, and implementation of project.

Feedback, streamlining, and improvement for existing centre

  • Analysis of systems and processes, developing SOPs, developing marketing / information dissemination plan, and benchmarking of financials.